Danish Cod
fish maw

[Mgcollagen](翹花膠) - This is the brand of our fish maw products

The place of origin comes from Denmark in Northern Europe. In the North Atlantic Ocean surrounded by sea on three sides.
caught pure and natural deep-sea cod,
took fresh cod maw (fish maw),
frozen and transported to the factory for manual processing, cutting, washing and drying.

No artificial colours and any chemical preservatives is added our fish maw products.
This is the biggest difference between our fish maw product and traditional mechanic production which added a lot of chemical harmful substances.

We inherit the tenet of Hong Kong people, advocating nature, loving zero pollution and zero additives.
Consumers can have with confidence.

Mgcollagen continues to work hard to develop natural and high-quality seafood.

Why choosing us?

We strived to change the existing ecological model of supplying abalone, ginseng and shark's fin, and promote HEALTHY ‧ HIGH-QUALITY ‧ NATURAL products to consumers

The difference between our products and those on the market


Health certification issued by Europe


Other unknown country without export food right


Hong Kong Food Manufacturing Factory License holder


Production in cottage factory


SGS and STC testing, no lead,

mercury and other heavy metals

No detection, under several

dangerous chemical bleaching


Provide certificate of origin,

to trace the source of materials


Smuggled, diverted products that unable

to provide proof of origin

Production processes

Processed in European factory


Airfreight or ship freight to the factory


Manual cleaning, shaping and drying


Know us


[Mgcollagen] ‧ Hong Kong local brand ‧ Danish cod maw product ‧ Full handling from fish catching to production ‧ Natural, zero pollution, zero additive ‧ Obtained SGS, STC food certification ‧ Guarantee of confidence
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